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In der glanzvollsten Ära von Las Vegas steigt der Profizocker Sam `Ace' Rothstein an die Spitze des Milliarden-Dollar-Imperiums auf. Um das Investment weiter auszubauen, stellen ihm die Drahtzieher seinen besten Freund aus alten Zeiten, den. Casino ist ein Kriminalfilm-Drama aus dem Jahr des Regisseurs Martin Scorsese, der das Drehbuch zusammen mit Nicholas Pileggi schrieb. Dessen. Casino - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung (Robert De Niro) für die Mafia eines der lukrativsten Casinos von Las Vegas. Casino ein Film von Martin Scorsese mit Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone. Inhaltsangabe: Las Vegas hat zwei Gesichter: das eine ist glamourös, das andere ist. Martin Scorseses Mafiadrama Casino zeigt die Mafia im schillernden Las Vegas der frühen Siebziger, welches hinter dem Vorhang der guten Laune von Geld.

Casino (Film)

In Jahr kam der Film Casino in die Kinos. Er war ein absoluter Erfolg. Die Regie übernahm Martin Scorsese, dem man ein tiefes Wissen. Casino - als Film ein minütiges Meistewerk über den kometenhaften Aufstieg und Fall der Mafia in Las Vegas. Robert de Niro alias Sam durchlebt mit. Casino ist ein Kriminalfilm-Drama aus dem Jahr des Regisseurs Martin Scorsese, der das Drehbuch zusammen mit Nicholas Pileggi schrieb. Dessen.

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Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. In den Einkaufswagen. Er war ein absoluter Erfolg. Casino (Film)

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Casino (Film) Video Finden Sie Casino in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Nach GoodFellas ein weiterer Film mit De Niro, der einfach klasse ist! Hartes. Casino - als Film ein minütiges Meistewerk über den kometenhaften Aufstieg und Fall der Mafia in Las Vegas. Robert de Niro alias Sam durchlebt mit. In Jahr kam der Film Casino in die Kinos. Er war ein absoluter Erfolg. Die Regie übernahm Martin Scorsese, dem man ein tiefes Wissen. Diese falsche Haut zieht Scorsese der Mafia systematisch vom Leib. Und in keinem Film gelingt ihm das besser, als in Casino, das in den Filmhelden die. Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Robert De Niro) ist ein mit allen Wassern gewaschener Spieler, der es vom kleinen Provinz-Buchmacher zum Boss von vier Casinos. Eigenschaft Von Dynamit Driver [Collector's Edition]. GoodFellas - Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia. Pasquale Cajano. Vielleicht fällt er einfach nur mehr auf in seiner Rolle. Gretel und Hänsel. Not just the fact it was letterbox type aspect ratio but much of it appeared out of focus and pulled at your eyes making it an uncomfortable watch. FSK 16 [1]. Lieferung: Mittwoch, Great movie, unfortunately the 4K disc stopped playing two hours in, and the screen froze. Mehr erfahren. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Beruht article source Film Casino auf einer wahren Begebenheit? Kommentar speichern. Robert De Niro spielt diese Rolle nicht zum ersten Mal. Na, und Sharon Stone? Chicago Tribune. November in den britischen und link darauf in den US-amerikanischen Kinos. Dieser sucht Ace persönlich auf, um ihn zu useful Elitepartne was, den Mann wieder einzustellen. Nicky Santoro: [voice-over] For two days and two fuckin' nights, beat the shit 24option Einzahlung of this guy. Nicky Santoro: For instance, I'll wake up tomorrow morning nice and early ill take a walk over to the bank, walk in and see click the following article and uh, if you don't have my money for me I'll crack your fucking head wide open Casino (Film) front of everybody in the bank. Supporting characters include Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro Go herea " made man " and friend of Ace, and Ginger McKenna Stonea streetwise chip hustler whom Ace marries and has a daughter. Ginger turns to alcohol and develops an increasingly problematic drug addiction. Ein Meisterwerk! Casino Royale lief am De Niro spielt cool, sehr cool Alle anzeigen. Casino is to me not as good as Good Fellas but maybe just because it looks like it but it talks about something. Very Boring and Very here. Ein stilvolles, packendes Gangster-Movie. Bilder anzeigen. Wissenswertes. Details anzeigen. Die Story wird in den knapp 3 Std. Really disappointed. User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken.

The film marks the eighth collaboration between director Scorsese and De Niro. Supporting characters include Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro Pesci , a " made man " and friend of Ace, and Ginger McKenna Stone , a streetwise chip hustler whom Ace marries and has a daughter with.

The film details Ace's operation of the casino, the difficulties he confronts in his job, the Mafia's involvement with the casino, and the gradual breakdown of his relationships and standing, as Las Vegas changes over the years.

The primary characters are based on real people: Ace is inspired by the life of Frank Rosenthal , also known as "Lefty," who ran the Stardust , Fremont , Marina , and Hacienda casinos in Las Vegas for the Chicago Outfit from the early s until Nicky and Ginger are based on mob enforcer Anthony Spilotro and former dancer and socialite Geri McGee , respectively.

Casino was released on November 22, , to mostly positive critical reception, and was a worldwide box office success.

Sam doubles the casino's profits, which are skimmed by the mafia before taxes are paid. Mafia boss Remo Gaggi sends Sam's childhood friend and mob enforcer Nicky Santoro, Nicky's younger brother Dominick, and Nicky's childhood friend Frankie Marino to protect Sam and the skimming operation.

Nicky's volatile temper and Chicago criminal background eventually get him placed into the Nevada Black Book , banning Nicky from every casino in Nevada.

Dominick and Frankie have gathered their own experienced mob crew and often engage in non-sanctioned shakedowns and elaborate burglaries instead.

Sam meets and soon falls in love with a beautiful hustler , dancer, and former prostitute Ginger McKenna. They soon have a daughter and marry, but their marriage is quickly thrown into turmoil due to Ginger's relationship with her former boyfriend, con artist -turned pimp Lester Diamond.

Ginger turns to alcohol and develops an increasingly problematic drug addiction. In , Sam fires slot manager Don Ward for incompetence.

When Don's brother-in-law, Clark County Commission chairman Pat Webb, fails to convince Sam to rehire Don, Pat arranges for Sam's gaming license to be denied, jeopardizing his position.

Sam blames Nicky's recklessness for ongoing police and Nevada Gaming Board pressure, and the two argue furiously in the Mojave desert.

Sam has started hosting a local television talk show, and both Nicky and the Chicago bosses are upset that Sam is making himself such a public figure, bringing unwanted attention to their operations.

The Midwest Mafia bosses have put incompetent Kansas City underboss Artie Piscano in charge of overseeing all cash transactions. Artie writes everything he knows about Las Vegas and the skimming operation in a private notebook, and rants about the cash costs in his grocery store.

Sam seeks to divorce Ginger, who then kidnaps their daughter, Amy, planning to flee to Europe with Lester. Sam convinces Ginger to come back with Amy but overhears her talking on the phone about killing him.

Sam kicks her out of their home but later relents. Ginger approaches Nicky to get her valuables from Sam's safe deposit box, and the two start an affair.

Sam confronts and disowns Ginger, and ends his friendship with Nicky. Nicky finishes with Ginger when she demands he kill Sam.

He throws her out instead. Drunk and furious, Ginger crashes her car into Sam's which is parked in the driveway and retrieves the key to their deposit box.

Although she succeeds in taking the contents of the box, the FBI arrests her as a witness. In , the FBI closes the casino and Philip eventually cooperates with the authorities.

Artie dies of a heart attack when federal agents discover his notebook while executing a search warrant on his home. The bosses are arrested and put on trial, and start to arrange the murders of anyone who might testify against them and prolong their subsequent sentences.

Ginger dies of a drug overdose, and Sam barely escapes death by a car bomb , suspecting Nicky to be the culprit.

Before Sam can take revenge, however, the bosses, having grown tired of Nicky's ongoing legal issues and angered by his apparent unauthorized attempt on Sam's life, order Frankie and his own crew to ambush Nicky and Dominick.

After being taken to an Indiana cornfield under the impression that they are attending a meetup, the two brothers are brutally beaten with baseball bats and buried alive in a shallow grave.

With the mob now out of licensing fronts, the casinos are purchased by big corporations and demolished to make way for new and larger hotel-casino attractions, which Sam laments.

He retires to San Diego , and lives as a sports handicapper, in his own words, ending up "right back where I started".

The research for Casino began when news reporter and screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi read a report from the Las Vegas Sun about a domestic argument between Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal , a casino figure, and his wife Geri McGee , a former topless dancer.

Argent was owned by Allen Glick, but the casino was believed to be controlled by various organized crime families from the Midwest.

This skimming operation, when uncovered by the FBI, was the largest ever exposed. Pileggi contacted Scorsese about taking the lead of the project, which became known as Casino.

Scorsese and Pileggi collaborated on the script for five months, towards the end of Some characters were combined, and parts of the story were set in Kansas City instead of Chicago.

A problem emerged when they were forced to refer to Chicago as "back home" and use the words "adapted from a true story" instead of "based on a true story.

They also decided to simplify the script, so that the character of Sam "Ace" Rothstein only worked at the Tangiers Casino, in order to show a glimpse of the trials involved in operating a Mafia-run casino hotel without overwhelming the audience.

The scene was too detailed, so they changed the sequence to show the explosion of Sam's car and him flying into the air before hovering over the flames in slow motion—like a soul about to go straight down to hell.

Filming took place at night in the Riviera casino in Las Vegas, with the nearby defunct Landmark Hotel as the entrance, to replicate the fictional Tangiers.

According to the producer Barbara De Fina , there was no point in building a set if the cost were the same to use a real-life one.

Several edits were made in order to reduce the rating to R. Casino was released in theaters in the United States on November 22, Upon its release, the film received mostly positive reviews from critics, although their praise was more muted than it had been for the thematically similar Goodfellas , released only five years earlier, with some reviewers criticizing Scorsese for retreading familiar territory.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Impressive ambition and bravura performances from an outstanding cast help Casino pay off in spite of a familiar narrative that may strike some viewers as a safe bet for director Martin Scorsese.

Roger Ebert gave the film four out of four, stating that "Martin Scorsese's fascinating new film Casino knows a lot about the Mafia's relationship with Las Vegas.

Farb-Format Farbe. Tonformat -. Seitenverhältnis -. Visa-Nummer -. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Casino DVD. Neu ab 5.

Die Auslandspresse in Hollywood hatte einen etwas geschärfteren Blick und nominierte den Italo-Amerikaner wenigstens für einen Golden Globe.

Casino Trailer OV. Interview, Making-Of oder Ausschnitt. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler.

Robert De Niro. Sharon Stone. Joe Pesci. Don Rickles. Fazit: Nach Goodfellas wurde noch einer draufgesetzt. Und wie! Ein Meisterwerk!

Jimmy v. Im ewigen Vergleich zwischen "Goodfellas" und "Casino" beziehe ich Stellung für den Vorgänger, was mir auch beim erneuten Schauen von "Casino" aufgefallen ist.

Dieser ist stilistisch sicherlich ausgereifter und eindrucksvoller. Gerade wenn man heute schnelle Schnitte gewöhnt ist, wird man überrascht sein, wie Scorsese es schafft seinen Film flott und zügig sein zu lassen, obwohl dieser a fast 3 Stunden Laufzeit beträgt und, noch Mehr erfahren.

Zurecht einer der besten Filme aller Zeiten! Finde ich! De Niro spielt cool, sehr cool Pesci spielt ihn aber teilweise an die Wand, finde ich!

Vielleicht fällt er einfach nur mehr auf in seiner Rolle. Sharon Stone hat ein wunderbares Overacting, stark!

Die Story wird in den knapp 3 Std. Jetzt noch schnell bei Netflix streamen: Zwei der besten Filme aller Zeiten und viel, viel mehr Highlights.

Casino (Film) Inhaltsangabe & Details

Neu ab 5. Er hat das Attentat überstanden, da in seinem This web page Eldorado eine Metallplatte unter dem Fahrersitz eingebaut war, um ein Balanceproblem zu korrigieren, diese hat dann den Schock der Explosion absorbiert Robert Richardson. Juli "Bitte wiederholen". Welcher Promi hat den gleichen Filmgeschmack wie du? Bedingungen gelten. Picking a favourite Scorsese film is difficult.

Nadler as Lucky Larry. Paul Herman as Gambler in Phone Booth. Salvatore Petrillo as Old Man Capo. Joey de Pinto as Stabbed Gambler.

Heidi Keller as Blonde at Bar. Millicent Sheridan as Senator's Hooker. Nobu Matsuhisa as Ichikawa. Toru Nagai as Ichikawa's Associate.

Barbara Spanjers as Ticket Agent. Dom Angelo as Craps Dealer. Dean Casper as Elderly Man. Joe Molinaro as Shift Manager. Bret McCormick as Bernie Blue.

Ali Pirouzkar as High Roller. Frankie Jay Allison as Craps Dealer. Clem Caserta as Sal Fusco. Jed Mills as Jack Hardy. Jeff Scott Anderson as Parking Valet.

Cameron Milzer as Secretary. Jennifer M. Abbott as Cashier. Frank Washko Jr. Richard Riehle as Charlie Clark. Christian A.

Azzinaro as Little Nicky age 7. Linda Perri as Ace's Secretary. Eric Randall as Reporter at Airport. Robert C. Tetzlaff as Customs Agent.

Anthony Russell as Bookie. Brian Reddy as Board Investigator. Roy Conrad as Board Investigator. Carol Wilson as Classroom Nun.

Andy Jarrell as Commissioner Bales. Joe Lacoco as Detective Bob Johnson. John Manca as Wiseguy Eddy.

Tyde Kierney as Contol Board Member. Ronald Maccone as Wiseguy Jerry. Sasha Semenoff as Orchestra Leader.

Mitch Kolpan as Detective. Buck Stephens as Credit Clerk. Joseph Reidy as Winner. Joe La Due as Signaller.

Carl Ciarfalio as Tony Dogs. Fred Smith as Security Guard. Jack Orend as Baker. Sonny D'Angelo as Security Guard.

Greg Anderson as Security Guard. David Varriale as Flirting Executive. Stuart Nisbet as LA Banker. Frank Adonis as Rocky.

Joseph Bono as Moosh. Craig Vincent as Cowboy. Daniel P. Conte as Doctor Dan. Paul Dottore as Slim. Richard T.

David Rose as David. Jonathan Kraft as Jonathan. January 25, Rating: B- Full Review…. January 25, Full Review…. March 31, Full Review….

October 15, Full Review…. August 16, Full Review…. July 1, Rating: 3. April 26, Rating: C Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Jun 22, This cast is perfectly assembled.

DeNiro, Stone, and Pesci play their parts perfectly. The script, taken from the screenwriter's book, is amazing and illustrates perfectly the cut-throat business of mafia infiltration into Las Vegas casinos.

This movie is one of the best films Scorsese has done and if you love mafia films, you have to add this one to your collection.

Patrick W Super Reviewer. Dec 26, Interesting, well-acted, and definitely a Scorsese classic. Maymay A Super Reviewer. Nov 14, The story follows two childhood friends who are sent to Las Vegas by the mob to oversee their casino operations, but the glitz and glamour turn the once close friends into bitter rivals.

And the writing does an impressive job at creating rich, interesting characters, and at explaining how the casino scram worked.

Additionally, the set designs and costumes do an incredible job at showing the extravagance and decadency of '70s Las Vegas.

Scorsese's directing is also extraordinary; bringing life and vision to the film. A tragic tale of ambition gone awry, Casino is a compelling film that's exceptionally well-crafted.

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Produzent Michael G. Wilson hat wieder einen Gastauftritt , diesmal als korrupter Polizeipräsident in Montenegro.

Der Initiator dieser Wanderausstellung plastinierter Körper, Gunther von Hagens , ist im Film selbst für kurze Augenblicke zu sehen: auf einem Werbeplakat und wie er Besucher durch die Ausstellung führt.

Die spektakuläre Verfolgungsjagd in Madagaskar zeigt die erst kurz zuvor entwickelte Extremsportart Freerunning. Das Flugzeug wurde für Nahaufnahmen leicht modifiziert.

Deine Bewertung. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Schaue jetzt Casino. Robert De Niro. Sharon Stone.

Joe Pesci. James Woods. Kevin Pollak. Pasquale Cajano. Don Rickles. Frank Vincent. Vinny Vella. Alan King. Dick Smothers. Erika von Tagen.

John Bloom. Oscar Goodman. Nicholas Pileggi. Martin Scorsese.

Joe Pesci as Here Santoro. Drunk and furious, Ginger crashes her car into Sam's which is parked in the driveway and retrieves the key to their deposit box. David Arnold Titellied mit Chris Cornell. Martin Scorsese. Cinemark Coming Soon. Entsprechendes gilt für weitere Länder, unter anderem Indien. Conte as Doctor Dan. Zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt muss er sich von Gangstern Geld leihen und setzt dabei sein Finden Tafertsweiler Beste in Spielothek auf dem Spiel. Bilder anzeigen. Alan King.

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